See you next March for a new session!


The 22nd Athens Session on Geointelligence will be held in Paris from March 13th to 17h, 2017. Students will study development scenarios in Chad  while assessing main events in Nigeria, Cameroon, Niger, Chad, Central African Republic, Sudan and South Sudan.

See You in Paris.


Welcome to the Geosint web site

Welcome to the home of the MP18 "Geointelligence for Natural Resource Evaluation and Sustainable Management" course. On this site, you will find resources connected with the topics of the course and the case study around Chadian oil projects.

The MP18/NTNU1 "Geointelligence" course was created in 1999 by Jean-Marie Monget from Mines ParisTech and Richard Sinding-Larsen from NTNU. From the first day, it wanted to show the power of open source intelligence (mainly based on information available through the internet) and freely available satellite imagery to tackle complex economic decision  processes in areas where political, environmental, humanitarian aspects are essential keys.


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